Welcome to Homestead Studios...


Antiques and Vintage

We're always searching for unique items to decorate your homestead... Stop in often to see what we've gathered... It's always changing!  We artistically blend our Antiques in among the fresh new decor, to create the perfect mix of past and present.


We LOVE Handmade & Handcrafted Items!

We feature many handmade and hand-crafted items... we make our own candles, wreathes, potpourri, holiday decor and more!  We proudly feature handmade and handcrafted furniture and creations from local artisans and craftsman.

Custom furniture pieces are also available, stop in and chat with us about your next project!


Our Own hand poured Candles

We started making our own candles in our home kitchen last Spring, they have quickly become a passion of ours and a big part of our business.  We still make them in small batches here in the Homestead kitchen using 100% soy wax, mason jars, high quality oils and cotton wicks.  It’s been a scientific adventure to say the least, learning this art, but we enjoy creating them and bringing you new scents each season.  We hope you enjoy our labor of love!